Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pearler Beads resources

for anyone who's interested in doing that pearler bead stuff i was working on this weekend, here's a list of websites i used to get the sprites. PNG format works best to zoom in on the images with no (or very little) distortion, and most of the images are in that format already, so it's alot easier than using jpeg or gifs.

Pixel art at

This site has alot of fan-made sprites, and covers anime, fighting games and a huge assortment of videogame sprites. the users are a tad bit protective of their work, but i still took a shitload of images off them.

Pixel art at

dedicated not only to videogame sprites, this site has more general purpose art and design sprites, and a lot of really detailed stuff that's just nice to look at.

This site is dedicated mostly to Nintendo, with a emphasis on NES and Super Nintendo stuff. the sprite sheets are HUGE, but it's mostly stuff taken directly from the roms or fan-made mods.
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