Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ragdoll Physics

I know this flash game is old and crusty as Gil's Halo skills, but it's still fun. anyways, the main story in this post is a article from GameSetWatch on ragdoll physics that had this choice quote....

Yates notes: "I think that the more people who aspire from a development standpoint for complexity, the more ways there will be to break stuff, especially with procedural animations. Everybody wants emergent results, but when you get that, you actually have a very hard time testing it. It's a very serious practicality issue that everybody is facing. Ragdoll and physics are the same way. You can stack things up and get out of a game's world! It's pretty wild. Somebody should design a game based entirely around that premise."

I coulden't agree more. i LOVED how in halo 2 you had this explosive growth of the glitching community, and how every possible interaction with the enviroment was explored. Remember sword-flying? Greneade Jumping, and escaping the maps???

i'd buy a game like this in a heartbeat, Game 3.0 be dammed....

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