Monday, April 2, 2007

Super Paper Mario

Got home today from work, feeling like shit from a lingering semi-flu, and guess what's on my doorstep?? Yay, a box from Nintendo!!!!! inside, one mario cap, and one luigi cap, and BONUS, a copy of Super Paper Mario, not to be released for another 8 days!!!! here are some pics of the caps, they are the new hotness!!

like i said, i feel like shit, but not enough to keep me away from this game. i'll file some impressions soon.....
I love the caps. Those are so cool. I would totally wear them.

I'm stealing your pics for Destructoid and my new site, The Ultimate Gamer Swag Collection.

Don't worry I'll give you credit and a linkback.
I WANT THEM HATS!!!! *sits and breathes heavily*
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