Friday, May 4, 2007

apathy, or friday's boring update.

Since getting my 360 back, I've trembled at the thought of bringing the Guitar Hero 2 our of the close less i get it screwed up again, I've tried and tried to download the new Halo 2 maps with absolutely NO success, and I've bought one steaming pile of XBLA shit called Pinball something. worst video pinball game ever, for reals. I already told myself I won't pull GH2 out until after the Halo 3 beta ends. Speaking of the Halo 3 beta test starting in 2 short(!!!!!!) weeks, there's been a few new leaks of videos that are in such shitty quality, i didn't' even bother to watch them all the way through. I've dived headlong into that vortex my DS has created, which is Pokemon diamond. I've never ever played a Pokemon game, but I'll be damned if it isn't a pretty good game. addictive even. Once my brother gets off his ass and starts the game, I'll have someone to lay the smackdown to. If anyone wants to trade or battle, leave some info in the comments. when I'm not playing that, I'm kicking all kinds of ass in Prince of Persia:RS. that game is fucking awesome, I'll say it again and again.

I've got to go. my Chimchar is calling, i think....
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