Sunday, May 13, 2007


Goddammit, i can't get enough of this game.

considering all the shit out right now, and all the games I'm playing (Pokemon Diamond, Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, Crackdown DLC, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Super Paper Mario, Kid Icarus, Halo 2) i keep going back to Catan. it's the board game equivalent of crack. after 5 tries, i finally won a game at the default difficulty, and soon I'll be ready to go online. The official Settlers of Catan site has some strategies that really helped out, and made me realise I've been too too kind to my opponents in my first couple of games. It's time to be a total asshole, and dominate!!!!!

* When placing your first settlement, count the dots to find what will be the rarest resource type. Getting yourself at least some of that resource will usually pay off in the long run even if it means sacrificing a point or two of revenue. * If it looks like you’re competing with an opponent for a good settlement spot, hide your true intentions for as long as possible. Sometimes saving up to build your roads and settlements all in one stunning turn can be worth the risk of the robber. * Play a soldier card before you roll the dice to move the robber off your own production tiles... but not if you already have 7 cards in your hand!

and this gem, I'd be PISSED OFF if someone did this to me......

* If you’re planning to play a Monopoly for Wheat, try to trade away all of your own Wheat first to the other players - and then play the Monopoly to take it all back!
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