Tuesday, May 1, 2007

the Green

I've never been a huge liquor fan, preferring beer in all it's crazy-ass brews to the smorgasbord of fruity drinks available at local bars. That's not to say i don't enjoy some drinks on special occasions, like New Year's Day or when a certain Southside baseball team wins a championship, but for the most part, I stick to beer, preferably a pilsner. I am aware, though, of the myth and allure of Absinthe, the banned-in-the-U.S. spirit popular with European bourgeoisie. Getting any quantity of absinthe in the U.S. is quite the achievement, since you can't legally import it (it's OK to possess or get shitfaced drinking it). The main reason for the import ban seems to be the quantity of thujone it contains, a toxic compound that can make you ded. So some intrepid distiller has created a concoction that removes the offending thujone, making it legal to produce and export here. It's not exactly what absinthe really is, since the taste is affected, but for anyone curious to try it, it's being marketed under the name Lucid, and will be available soon for everyone except the dirty New Yorkers, where it's available NOW.

(pssst, it's 124 PROOF!!!!!)
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