Sunday, June 24, 2007

gamestop, ver. 1999

i remember waaay back when Gamestop was just starting out as a brand, and that they began to buy all the FunCoLand stores and assimilate them, like the Borg. back then they weren't the bad guys, i actually went there because i really wanted a videogame store to be successful. ( considering how they've become the bundle-bullies, i guess i should have stuck to Electronics Boutique....oh, wait.....ummm..) anyways, here's one of the 3 gaming related posts from my vacation. back then, when Gamestop began buying out all the FunCoLand stores (2000), they had some fruity company logos. I guess nobody in Puerto Rico got the memo to change the STYLE of the sign in addition to the NAME.
it was pretty weird when i drove by, and i had to turn around to get this pic.
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