Sunday, June 10, 2007

living up to the blog title......

so the Halo 3 beta is over tonight, and another wait begins.... i won't miss it too much, since i was on the 360 almost the entire day. this next week will probably see very little activity on this blog, for personal reasons. and the week after is vacation, so any posts that make it in the next 2 weeks will be few and far between. my total Halo 3 Beta stats have been skewed due to the custom Games i played in the last week. here's a summary.

let's see..... i just started playing Super Smash Bros. Melee again today, in anticipation of SSB: Brawl's use of the Gamecube controller. Great move by Nintendo, i was dreading waving the wiimote and nunchuck like a spaz. not that I'm any good at the game. i could probably beat gil, but that's about it.

playing through God of War II, and i've gotten past the guy you kill in GoW, the dude on the horse that gives you the big ass goofy hammer. it's hands down the best action game franchise of the last gen, with Ninja Gaiden losing because Team Ninja is too lazy to put out a true sequel to Ninja Gaiden, instead putting out remix (black) after remix (sigma).

yeah, let's see, what else.....still kicking ass at catan, got some pac man c.e. achievements, and that's about it. finally, I'll get back into Guitar Hero 2. I've been a chickenshit and haven't' played it since my 360 went down ( with one exception)
anyways, I'll update sporadically in the next 2 weeks...... sorry.
Being able to use the GameCube controller in Brawl is great news. Sakurai always said the game would play with the GC controller though, so I wasn't worried about them Wii'fying the controls and making it the ONLY way you can play the game.

I just hope the online play rocks socks. I gave up on Melee because I couldn't beat Giga Bowser. Trust defeating him to unlock the coolest bonus in the game: a sound test.
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