Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pac Man is the shit. Seriously.

When my wife asked me if I'd heard about the new Pac Man game and Championship event, I casually mentioned that i HAD heard about it, but it was not really that big of a deal. Microsoft had been teasing some big announcement for a few days, and when it was made, i was less than impressed. widescreen Pac-Man. big fucking deal. what was more interesting was the fact that a Mexican dude had won the event. since i was in the process of booting my 360 up, i decided to check out the free trial. Now i have played Pac-Man a few times, mostly for beers when i was in the army. i was never obsessed with it, since after starting it becomes an endurance race. I started the demo up, and holy shit if it isn't one of the FASTEST XBLA purchases I've ever made. 30 seconds into it i had already decided to buy. it's such a huge change from the static eat-em-all original, they should have named it Pac-Man 2. it's hard to describe the gameplay, so i'll just post a video so you'll get a idea of how addictive it is.....

It's not clear in the above video, but the levels change in real time after getting a set amount of fruits, and there is NO delay from level to level. the layout changes with a shockwave after eating a fruit, as well as the devious layout of the dots and power pellets. the speed and music work together so well you get sucked into a Geometry Wars zone immeddiate. the only flaw is that all the modes are timed. from 2 minuites, 5 minuits or 10 min. increments. still, for 10 bucks it's the hottest XBLA twitch game since Geo Wars.
Sexy graphics. I see flourescent colours, snazzy explosions and ripple effects are the in thing for old skool, retro remakes.
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