Monday, July 30, 2007


wow, alot has happened since my last post. Ingmar Bergman has died, Lazlo Kovacs has died, my TV has died. yeah, call me materialistic, but out of those 3, my TV hurts the most. I came home from work today and my wife explained how the TV just stopped working. now I've been trying (to no success) to convince my wife that we need a new better at least 50 inch LCD with full 1080p and HDMI ports for a while now, but i NEVER wanted the old TV dead BEFORE the new one was already in the house!!!! talk about getting what you ask for!! anyway, so I'll be down for the count for the next few days (or weeks). aaah shit, i just remembered that BioShock is just around the corner!!! FUCK!!! I just got Resident Evil 4 for the Wii too, but have been too chicken-shit to actually play it past the first village. seems like the Wii controls make me even more nervous. and i can't NOT mention that a regular reader Spanny has gotten a blog do-over and launched his new blog, The Spandango Memoirs. i wish i had a clever name like that for MY blog....Endangered Gamer is getting old..... anyway, head on over and check out his Yellow Bastard chatbox on the right.

My 7 year old nephew Ferran recently rocked out to Guitar Hero for the first time, passing Surrender on his 7th try on easy. congrats to him. I invited my pal Ellen over this weekend, because she's a Guitar Hero god and I wanted some achievements i had no hope in hell of ever getting on my own. She has already beaten GHII on Expert, so i figured that getting me the 300,000 400,00 and 500,000 point achievements would be a piece of cake for her. unfortunately, that piece of cake came with a shitload of beer, and we both got too trashed to get any achievements at all. bummer. my wife did take some cheesy pics of us rocking out, and in a show of totally selfless transparency, I'll post the worst pic.

there, happy????
Fuck Spanny and his kick arse blog name!!!
Don't hate the playa, hate the game.
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