Friday, July 13, 2007


there's an videogame exhibit open now for anyone in the chicago area. It's called Gameplay, here's some press releasey info...

Gameplay is an exhibition that addresses the innovative ways that artists incorporate video gaming technology and strategies into their work as a means to explore themes such as place, identity, community, politics, and resistance. Gameplay features an exciting lineup of Chicago and international artists. Video games are at once associated with both interactivity and seclusion. Through the agency of the internet, online gaming has become a participatory source of virtual interaction with online communities; however, online gaming can also be considered a solitary retreat into a virtual utopia--lands in which the empowered user can manipulate, destroy, and engender. The word "gameplay" refers to the creative, resistant, or artful manipulation of video games by users. It can be said that "gameplay" relates not only to the strategic, but also emotional framework of play, as it is a unique reflection of the individual's meaningful bond to the game itself. And just as game theory has increasingly intersected with art theory, video games and gaming strategies have infiltrated much of our daily lives.

If you're not doing anything, go ahead and check out the Around the Coyote Gallery site. the exhibit runs through July 26.
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