Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Halo 2 get in the book depot (pic unrelated......or is it?????)

there's a library in Mount Prospect near my fair city of Chicago that is hosting a Halo 2 tournament. it's come under fire from the National Institute for Media and Family because it's a M-Rated game, and "it borders on irresponsibility for a public library to sponsor an activity for kids as young as 12 that the industry itself has said is for adults." The library has defended it's decision, noting that the library's teen advisory board, made up of teens and junior high kids, suggested that Halo tournaments would pull more kids into the library since the game is so popular among their age group. Once the library found out Halo 2 was rated "Mature," it decided permission slips were an appropriate method to alert parents. I probably should care about this more than i do, since it's Halo-related. I even considered for a minute going over to Mount Prospect and laying a righteous smackdown on all those middle school kids, but then thought that maybe that would seem.....weird.......anyways, it looks like the library has pulled the event.
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