Tuesday, July 31, 2007

lol BOX FROM NINTENDO and zombie tv ( out of order, like)

so my TV has been playing tricks on me, turning on this morning like normal, and going apeshit as soon as i left to work. it's off now, and I'm starting to think it's playing a game with my head. anyways, i got a BOX FROM NINTENDO on thursday of last week, but for some reason (i forgot) i never opened it till today. inside, it had a Wii backpack and a Wii branded alarm clock. it had a note inside that encouraged me to take the wii out in the backpack and to use the alarm so i didn't oversleep wherever i chose to lay my head. the backpack is neat, and the alarm has a secret power that i didn't discover until i hit two buttons on the side......it scrolls through pictures on a tiny screen, about 1x1 inches. I'll take some pics tomorrow. it was preloaded with some of the Wii party pics and some promo shots of Wii hardware. i double checked, but no Mario Strikers: Charged. oh well, guess i have to buy it to lay the smackdown on J

i just have to mention this because i love those goofy LOL cat meme pictures that float around the 'net like so much flotsam and jetsam. some joker claims to have uncovered his long lost relative's Laugh-Out-Loud Cats cartoons from the 20's. It's been on Boing-Boing and other sites, so check out this flickr set and the official blog.
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