Thursday, July 5, 2007


Just got in from taking my nephew and niece to see transformers, and although it was better than i expected, i am totally intruigued by the trailer immediatly before the movie. it apparently has no name, except a date at the end, 1-18-08. here's a cam version. it looks super cool, and resembles a dream i had a month ago. anyone have any ideas on what movie this is?????

some more info from
So what is CLOVERFIELD? Well, word from inside the company is that CLOVERFIELD is a giant monster movie, featuring something that's being referred to internally as "The Parasite," and we’re going to see a trailer for it very soon that’s been designed and shot even as we speak. I’m not sure if it’s going to be attached to TRANSFORMERS or if we’ll see it later in the summer, but it’s definitely coming soon. And the end of it should feature one of those iconic images that makes people talk about a trailer for months.
it appears to be called the parasite. go to its an arg kinda thing which unlocks teasers and stuff.

its produced by the guy who made lost, alias, etc.
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