Wednesday, July 11, 2007


*added all the video footage*
Microsoft just wrapped up it's E3 press event, and boy, did they drop some the Scene It! game, what a turd. but seriously, the Halo 3 footage they showed, and the LIVE ACTION Halo movie footage was great!!!!

chest thumping about how they're the number one selling console of this genereation and blah blah blah blah OMG WTF RESIDENT EVIL 5 !!!!!!!!!!
the footage they showed looked incredible......

Gears of War is coming to Windows Vista!?!??!!? big fucking deal....


anyways, go to Bungie's website to check out the Halo 3 trailer, i'll add the Gametrailers version tomorrow....i'm tired now.....i'm sure tomorow there will be a shitload of footage and media, so stay tuned.....oh shit, i almost forgot, there will be a beta test for Call of Duty 4:Modern Combat. check for more details.(the site's down now, but should be up soon....)

Resident evil 5 looked sexy. As sexy as possessed African's trying to kill somebody can possibly look.
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