Monday, August 20, 2007

Dtoid's readers are a feisty bunch....

Over at destructoid they've introduced a new community feature, kinda like a gamercard for the site. it ranks you by posts, profile views and comments on your community blog. what better way to test out the new system than to spoil the (possibly) best game of the year, and see what happens??? It's not really a spoiler for anyone who's followed the game's development....ah what the hell, it WAS a spoiler, and a major one at that. I won't spoil my reader's enjoyment of this game by giving it out here, but rest assured, your enjoyment WILL be compromised by this knowledge. Anyway, i posted the spoiler as a title to a blog post, and the shit hit the fan. the readers flamed me like never before, and i'd be surprised if i wasn't banned by tomorrow. that sucks because i actually like destructoid. after thinking it over, it might have been a bad idea, but the end of the day, it's just a game, kids. seriously......
What a dick! I didn't read it. don't tell me.
Bastard! Even though I'll probably never play Bioshock, you're still a mean bastard! *storms off*
jeez, relax!!
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