Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the onslaught begins.....

Today marks the launch day for Metroid Prime: Corruption, and the beginning of the late summer/fall/winter release marathon. in the next few months there will be a shitload of games releasing across all platforms with GOTY potential. excluding GTA 4, which was pushed back till next year. (actually, it might have started with Bioshock, but that game was under the radar for much of the year, so to speak)

anyways, Metroid Prime's release has got the reviewers on the major sites all atwitter, with high 9's across the board. (so far) I expect at least a average of 9.5 from most first party Nintendo games, and i'll be getting Prime no matter what the score is. i just hope that the control scheme lives up to the hype. all of the hands-on impressions i've read state that the control is awesome, so we'll see......
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