Sunday, August 5, 2007

tired.... no, really.

boy,am i tired. even after sleeping 11 hours, the stiffness in my back and sore feets is killing me. if i can get around to it, I'll be heading off to Day 3 of Lollaplaooza, and hopefully be back to updating more consistantly. I got to play Lair, Heavenly Sword, and Drake's Fortune in the Playstation 3 tent, and was meh about all three. i did get some swag from Sony, so when i get around to posting the pics you'll see them..... there's a Guitar Hero 2 contest I'm entering, hopefully i don't get my ass kicked..... speaking of Guitar Hero, here's a track from Guitar Hero 3 that will melt your fingers off!!!!

here's a Call of Duty 4 stealth kill video. the beta is starting up soon, so go to CharlieOscarDelta to sign up!!!

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