Friday, August 17, 2007

too weird for words

in my previous life, i was a potsmoking movie obsessed nerd with a taste for really bizarre foreign films. I even sat through the 3 1/2 The Saragossa Manuscript twice in order to understand it ( i failed). anyway, early in my 20's i came across a film by Alejandro Jodorowsky called El Topo. it was a crazy psychadelic movie about a wandering assassin hunting down 4 gunmen who totally destroyed a town. it was great fun, with strange things happening everywhere without rhyme or reason. even though i really liked it, i never searched out his other films, being how it was hard as hell to get El Topo back then, (1990's) so today i ran across this trailer for another of Jodorowsky's weirdo movies, Holy Mountain. i'll let you decide what it's about, since i can't make heads or tails from it. Possibly NSFW (what the hell, it's Friday!!!)

ps, we saw el topo for sale on dvd at landmark century for like 10 bucks.
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