Thursday, November 22, 2007

rocked out....

wow. after inviting a few guests over last night, i can honestly say Rock Band gets my vote for best local multiplayer game of the year. we got through the first 3rd of the world tour mode, after getting warned that we coulden't progress any further unless we stepped up to medium difficulty. (those fucking drums are HARD!!!!) the one knock on the game is how much repetition there is. for every venue or city you unlock, you get only one or 2 new songs, and your sets get filled in with songs you've already played. i can't remember exactly how many times i played Maps or Creep, but it was easily over 12 each. my brother played bass, my wife sang, and our friend Ellen rocked the guitar on expert. she made a few observations on the arrangement of the notes, saying that on some songs it was harder than Guitar Hero 3, but on others it was way too easy. She's pretty hardcore though, so medium or hard are just fine with me. after playing for about 7 hours, we were beat and ellen wanted to try her hand at Guitar Hero 3's online multiplayer. she joined a game with some dude, and the song he picked was Through the Fire and the Flames......

yeah, the Dragonforce song at the end credits of the game. unbelievable, but she held her own against that guy and lost by a few hundred thousand points. she picked Bulls on Parade as the second song, and even though she lost that one also, it was really really close. the guy activated Star Power at the end, and just squeaked by and won.

the best part? she was playing on my Xbox Live profile and the guy she was playing was a developer from Red Octane, so i got the Meet Your Maker achievement.

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