Thursday, November 15, 2007

slow to post, Galaxy, hacked Surfer Girl, and assassins.

I've been a real lazy ass for the last 2 months, and Halo 3,& Guitar Hero 3, and Call of Duty 4 are to blame. if i have any free time, ( or time at all) i'm usually playing one of these. so the posting has fallen to the wayside, and i apologize to all 134 regular readers. it's a sincere apology, but I'm not promising anything like a regular schedule. that being said, Super Mario Galaxy is awesome!! it follows the Super Mario 64 level design where you unlock new levels after collecting the stars in that level, and the pseudo-2 player element is perfect for that annoying little brother-sister-cousin-son-daughter-who wants to play. good stuff.

Surfer Girl reviews Star Wars is a blog that's been around for a while, feeding the gaming press rumors and insider info that's been accurate. who this person is (man or woman) has been a mystery to everyone, but that hasn't stopped a wiley hacker from messing with the site. i wonder how easy it is to hack a Blogger site.......

i've been messing with assassin's creed, and am not impressed so far. way to spoil the story, by tossing the most interesting part AT THE BEGINNING, before any gameplay has begun. thanks alot. someone at ubisoft should really hire a writer.
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