Monday, December 10, 2007

big ol' steaming pile o' post

the new rambo website has some cool icons and wallpapers....

i just finished seeing the mist, and it has one of the most fucked up endings i've seen in a long time.... and it' s actually a pretty good movie....and by the way, the Xbox 360's recent dashboard update streams Divx like a charm!!!!!

this game might make me want a PS3. i'm a sucker for handmade stuff. don't tell me nothin'.......

since the new Halo 3 maps are hitting sometime tomorrow, boredom might not be around much in the next few weeks. This guy spent way too much time in forge, and made a badass self portrait in Forge. wot a swell guy....

Speaking of Halo 3, here's a intro to the new maps, from Red vs. Blue.....

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