Sunday, February 10, 2008

2 hands to hold you.....

i've never been surprised at the lengths that some gamers will go to give themselves a competitive advantage, whether it's using a turbo controller or cheat codes or some other kind of help. ( i knew a kid who played counterstrike with crosshairs etched into his monitor) that's where this Xbox 360 controller mod from HG Controlers comes in. it has the face buttons (a,x,y,and b,) mapped to the bottom of the controller, in addition to the RB button. after thinking about it for a bit, this really might help in FPS shooters, but not much else. either way, it's being sold as a Halo 3 mod. wonder if anyone actually has this, and whether it's any good.

they also make a toggle switch mod for the controller, that acts like a on/off switch for a continuous button press. don't really see the advantage in THAT.

oh well, i'm not buying it.

and no, i don't know why i posted this.
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