Wednesday, February 27, 2008

big things

so after a bit of research, i bought a new car last night. a '08 Mitsubishi Outlander, and it's fucking loaded. that's why there's been no activity on this blog for a few days, so....there.

i also bought N+ for XBLA, and it's great, but i'm stuck at episode 14. it's hard as HELL.

and i think i've finally convinced my wife to give me "permission" to buy a PS3.

yep, the recently announced 80 gig Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle is just what i was waiting even includes the DualShock 3!!!! a fucking deal!!!

(but i'm really getting it for the blu-ray drive.....nevermind the fact that my brother got one this weekend, and has been rocking Resistance....)
but it aint got HD GAYMEZZZZZ.
I'm selling my 60giger for 350 but you might as well wait for the bundle.
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