Thursday, February 14, 2008

feb 14 things

shit, this is creepy. the little guy looks fake, but he's real. imagine him crawling across your ceiling tonight.....

this cop's a dick.

not true, but i DO have a big tv. (well, it's big for my living room....)

there's a special Valentine's Day playlist in Halo 3 today, and it runs till sunday night. it's a team doubles playlist, ranked and offering "prizes" that bungie will hand out sometime after it's over. Recon armor, please?????

oh shit, Vigilante 8's coming back!!! and it's on XBLA!!!!! and it has 8 player multiplayer!!!!this game was the reason i bought a DualShock controller way back when the PS1 was the hot shit. it was one of the first games released that supported dual analog sticks and had rumble.....ah, good times.....(psst, the offical site looks really REALLY shitty.....)

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