Wednesday, March 12, 2008

eager beaver.

as Spanny pointed out in the last post's comments, i posted the wrong code. that's my Wii friend code. this is my Brawl code: 1504 5363 5241. as far as i can see, you can enter just the brawl code in-game and have access to the people who've added you without having to enter their Wii console code.

as as expected, i've been getting my ass handed to me most of the evening. i'm done for the day, but sheesh, it's just more of the same. here i'm thinking i've been getting pretty good with Snake and Samus, and i play 5 games in a row with a grand total of 3 KO's, and a cumulative total of -13.
Damn El Moco you didn't know that you didn't need the Wii console code? *lol* That's why Nintendo should've had the Wii console code act as a game Friend code and be universal across all titles - but no. They could've gone one better and scrapped the code shit altogether, but *sigh* that's Nintendo.

I also wondered what happened to Spanny. I thought he was dead.
I'm undead actually. And I added you Moco, so mine is 5069-3583-0498.
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