Wednesday, April 23, 2008

updates and baseball.

so i've been a lazy bastard as of late, pretty much ignoring this blog and it's millions (AND MILLIONS)of readers. i'm not apologizing for it, but just recognizing the fact publicly is about as far as i'll go. anyways, i've been digging Warhawk on the PS3 this last week, having traded Unreal Tournament in because it's just too fucking twitchy for me. even with a red bull and a large coffee i wasn't able to compete. old age is wearing my reflexes out. so, back to warhawk. it reminds me alot of star wars: battlefront, in that there's a pretty big 32 player game going on with noone speaking and very little communication going on. i didn't even bother using a headset, all i got was silence from the other 15 guys on my team. that being said, the game is still alot of fun, with pretty cool weapons and a awesome sense of scale. i've gotten into a few sniper battles from across the map (and the maps are HUGE) that were pretty tense. i even sniped a warhawk out of the sky!!! (yeah, it was already pretty badly damaged, but what-EVAH.) All in all, it's a great multiplayer only game. i have a few PS3 games in my Gamefly hopper, so i'll be commenting about them in the future.

ah, who am i kidding, GTA IV comes out next week............
and now for something totally off topic.... - Watch more free videos
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