Wednesday, May 21, 2008


i was trolling the net today when i ran across this npr story about a "first person shooter" game to test subconscious racial bias in police officers. created by Joshua Correl, it tries to measure weather cops are influenced by racial bias in the split-second decision to shoot a suspect. describing this as first person shooter is a bit misleading, since it's more of a slideshow with pictures of men with pistols (or phones/wallets). but the results are surprising, since some of the "suspects" are black, some are white. the researchers determine that white people shoot armed black suspects faster than white suspects.

i decided to take the test myself, just to see weather i'm a racist bastard or a tolerant hippie. here are the results....

i guess i'm more likely to shoot an armed person, period.....if you're curious, you can try the game here.....

and i'm off to Call of Duty 4!!

oh shit, i guess it was also in monday's Redeye....
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