Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Catan, i choose YOU!!!!

Just as soon as i started to bitch and moan about the lack of quality XBLA titles, here comes Catan. a port of the board game Settlers of Catan, it's a brilliant strategy/resource hording/ trade-a-thon and a really good social game. I only played a few (2) games, but was instantly hooked. Gotta tune out that music though, I'd bet a few clams that the guys responsible for the music in Uno also scored this title. anyway, get it now, and I'll trade 2 wheat for 1 ore!!!!

oh yeah, i also bought (!) Double Dragon. it's fucking eyeball-stabbing hard, and I'm pretty sure anyone who even gets more than 5 achievements in that game is a freak or cheating. or maybe I'm just jaded.
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