Monday, February 11, 2008

this is the end, my friend. the end.

so i'm climbing up the endless stairs up to my deluxe apartment in the sky, when i start to hear a strange whoop-whoop-wooo sound. it's pretty loud, but i figure someone in the building i live in was celebrating something, or maybe some kid had found a secret stash of pudding. i get to my floor, and as i open the door, i realize that the woop-woop sound is coming from MY apartment.

and it's my wife.

She's howling at the fact that she just completed Rock Band on medium. now, this is a person that hasn't finished a console videogame in ever, as in NEVER. (those pesky Phoenix Wright games are the only DS games to be finished) she was genuinely happy to have gotten past all the songs, and even 5-starred the bonus tour songs and the 8 downloaded songs, too!! I walked in as the final notes were being pounded on, and was able to see the achievement unlocked pop-up for 50 gamerscore. and this got me thinking........

i think this blog has run it's course.

when i started it way back when in 2006, i honestly thought my days as a semi-hardcore gamer were numbered, and after i got married they would just end. she mentioned more than a few times that she thought videogames were a waste of time, and that she'd never get into them, and i believed her. i was pretty sure that once we started living together, my favorite hobby would eventually get sidelined by other stuff. well, that hasn't happened, and if anything, less time playing videogames make me more appreciative and more demanding of the quality of the games i choose to spend time with.

what i wasn't ready for was her slow evolution into a casual gamer first, then a Rock Band disciple. it started with my selection in 2006 to be the Nintendo Wii Ambassador. one of the things they did was send me a black DS lite, and i bought Brain Age and Clubhouse Games with a quickness. my wife's a biological science major, and she really liked Brain Age for it's memory-training and Clubhouse games for those diabolical sliding puzzle games. it was weird, but i was happy she at least was playing with the DS, even though it wasn't a mario, zelda or metroid title... then came the Wii Party, and she got a first hand look at the magic Nintendo can bring with their new system. she was keeping an eye out for the Fedex guy on the day i got the package from Nintendo, and watched quietly as i unpacked and played around the first day. then we started playing Wii Sports, and that was the beginning.......

fast forward one year, and she's got all 3 Phoenix Wright games for the DS, a bunch of records in Wii Sports that i'll never beat, and her own gamertag. she likes Katamari Damacy, Loco Roco and even watched me go through most of The Darkness. and i even think a latent achievement hunger is beginning to rear it's head. she asked me about the Guitar Hero achievement for completing the tutorial, and mentioned that she'd get it because it was an easy 5 points......yep. as i'm typing this, she's just started on a new solo vocal career in Rock Band.

i don't think i'm endangered anymore.

so now what?? i just can't change the blog name, and i have too much fun doing this to stop, so......what????
Keep blogging and keep the blog name.

Ain't no thang, but a chicken wang own a strang!

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